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Looking at a job as a whole can be daunting especially if you have a large amounts of land. Professional costs, materials and waste costs can easily mount and things take time often looking worse before they get better. Here are my 3 top tips to ensure your project is successful and not stressful!

1. Hire a Project Manager or Land Care Consultant.
Developing a partnership with a professional will not only bring in their expertise but also open you up to their network of specialists. Your project manager will help you set and manage your budgets and can offer precious advice. It will be their job to coordinate 3rd party contractors if required and deliver timely services. Getting things done right the first time will save time, money and energy and prevent any knock on effect for your project.

2. Set Milestone Goals.
Whether you are re-turfing your lawn for the little ones to play on or developing an area of land for a business, keep your goal in mind and set progress markers. These progress markers should be relative to your budget and schedule, remember it’s ok not to do it all at once. You may be in a position to set a full budget in the beginning and move quickly or you may need to budget monthly and work steadily towards your vision.

3. Develop a maintenance plan.
You have your new outdoor space looking just how you imagined now it will need regular tlc to keep it looking good and working as devised. Whilst we all love the idea of a Chelsea Flower Show garden however the reality is somewhat different. I imagine people purchasing their Chelsea Flower Show Garden having them set up at home and then wondering why next year the garden looks totally different, remember many of the plants are forced in green houses and tropical houses to look their best when in reality they may not flower until later in the season. In the early stages of developing your project, you should think about your maintenance plan as this may have a bearing on your planning decisions. Again another reason to engage a professional consultant!

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