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Barn Owls and Tawny Owls are native species and are widely distributed around the UK. These beautiful and specialized birds of prey are spectacular hunters and can often be seen hunting at dusk. As these birds are nocturnal it is difficult to survey breeding pairs making it difficult to keep track of their numbers. However through providing nesting boxes we can encourage Barn Owls and Tawny Owls into new territory, making it easier to monitor their success.

To be honest who wouldn’t want to see an Owl its natural environment?

Encouraging Owls to nest on your land or in an area of your community would be extremely rewarding, and provide benefit to the ecosystem. Providing a nesting box and suitable nesting site would be an ideal community project. Adding a camera to the box can offer children and enthusiasts a perfect wildlife encounter.

Barn Owls hunt in open country along field edges, riverbanks and verges. They nest in tree cavities, natural crevices, cliffs and many manmade structures such as barns, churches, nest boxes and haystacks.

Tawny Owls are adapted to hunt in woodland areas their small wingspan allows them to maneuver through the trees. Tawny Owls roost in trees as they like coverage such as ivy. They nest in holes in trees and also easily adapt to nest boxes.

Wildlife encouragement is a huge passion of ours we make custom nesting boxes or source boxes from owl charities. Finding the right placement for your Owl nesting box will be crucial to its success and the welfare of the Owls. At Acres Land Care Co. We work with private landowners and communities to supply Owl nesting boxes and find suitable placements for them to be fitted.

In order to emulate a natural site for your nest box placement the box will need to be secured within the tree or the side of a building. We take into consideration wind and weather direction, flight paths and access to food sources. The weight and awkwardness of the boxes mean climbing rope access, suitable fittings and pruning may be required. Dave is fully trained and insured to climb and fix boxes at such height. He loves doing it too!

We can also provide and set up Nest Cams for you to monitor your nesting box and any visitors it may have. Registering your camera and location with the owl trust you can become a part of the national owl survey and conservation effort.

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