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Over the years we’ve seen our countryside slowly start to disappear, leaving many of us worried that this is an irreversible and detrimental change to the British landscape. We have seen the media headlines about the decline in hedgehog populations and we should be concerned. The solution to these troubles could be within reach. Rewilding is all about restoring wild areas.  In short, rewilding is large-scale conservation in order to protect our natural environment and wildlife, like our countryside and our hedgehogs.

Of course, we can’t all take part in large-scale projects like this. However, there are steps we can take in our own green areas. Even on a small scale, in an urban landscape, great strides can be taken to increase pollen counts and establish eco-environments, like window boxes and bird feeders. It can be steps as small as this that begin to breathe life back into nature. In bigger outdoor spaces – from planting new hedges to building a pond, from growing our own fruit and veg to looking out for our bumble bees – we can take small steps to big results! By creating habitats and safe environments for our wildlife, we can rejuvenate the nature we have access to.

Rewilding doesn’t have to be a solitary mission, one man or woman on a path to save the environment! No, rewilding can be about family; producing and cultivating our gardens together. For ourselves and for the animals that benefit from our efforts!

Encouraging wildlife and natural ecosystems seems like a no-brainer, but why should we invest our time and efforts in it?

Recent studies have shown that even short exposure to nature and wild spaces can enhance mood, self-esteem and reduce anger, confusion and depression. Spending time in your garden can even reduce blood pressure and quell anxiety. Through natural engineering and re-establishing natural processes, we may reignite passion in our natural world, ensuring that generations to come will feel the benefits and rewards of maintaining our countryside. More than this, that they will be able to enjoy wildlife for years to come.

If you have stories about rewilding and its benefits, we’d love for you to share those stories with us!


Guest post credit – Kendal Pitman 

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