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Acres Land Care Co. offers an extensive range of gardening services for private and commercial properties across Hampshire, West Sussex and the South Downs.



Trees are a valuable asset to our environment and play a huge part in maintaining our ecosystem. Here at Acres we practice sustainable tree and hedgerow maintenance working with experts to ensure successful regeneration.



Planting a new hedge can create an effective boundary and provide shelter for wildlife. Regular maintenance, pruning and cutting will improve aesthetics and act as a key feature of your environment.



Lawns are often the first thing we notice about an outdoor space. These first impressions are extremely important. Routine cutting, strimming and weeding will help to maintain visual impact. If your lawn requires a little more TLC, turfing or re-seeding will help renovate your lawn.


Soft Landscaping

Managing overgrown areas and clearing vegetation will provide outside areas we can access and enjoy. Sometimes it may be necessary to clear the land completely allowing a fresh start or making way for a new purpose. Beds and Border, Features and Planters are a great way to add colour and interest whilst also encouraging wildlife.


Wildlife Encouragement

Help us to support British Wildlife, planting for bio diversity can help sustain declining species. Natural wood, meadowland, wildflowers and water provide essential habitats for insects, birds and animals. Sustainable gardening is a great way to preserve our diverse wildlife for future generations.

Dedicating an area of outdoor space to composting, feeding stations or scrubland are just a few of the ways we help to encourage a natural eco-system.

Providing species appropriate nesting boxes for birds, insects and bats will not only provide essential shelter for wildlife but also offer you interesting visitors within your environment.

Whilst we want to encourage wildlife sustainability a balanced ecosystem is paramount to ensure a comfortable co-existence.


Bespoke Services

At Acres Land Care co. we want to make caring for your outdoor environment as easy as possible. We offer annual land care packages to suit your requirements and seasonal changes.

We are proud to work with local, specialist 3rd parties to deliver expert and competent services. Our trusted network allows us to provide tailored and unique services, including traditional skills which we can adapt to your needs.